Kindly evaluate my proposal and 10 min. demo CD for several new talk radio show programs piloted by me as a new host, Ricardo Alonso.


Recently in Denver I submitted my original concept to talk of all that affect us “THE American Grit™”.  I pose an inspiring viewpoint as the son of an immigrant father and migrant worker mother who strived and became self-made millionaires.  Like them, most all my endeavors have been self-taught only by determination.  Hence, we are “THE American Grit™”. 

Other show programs could include for the betterment of “THE American Goods™”, and for all that affect us "THE American Grit™”.

I believe one hour shows could easily and quickly launch with minimal training as I am very capable.  Please note that I have studied talk radio for over 30 years, realizing that someday I too could capture an audience by my creative thought and discussion.

Please consider my efforts worthy of piloting any of these programs perhaps destine to create successful talk shows within any firm.  If you require additional information you may contact me anytime.

ATTENTION: The cd demonstrates my original show concept and specifically my original chosen theme song of “Real World” by B. Springsteen.  I respectfully request that these be held in confidence, reserved for use solely on my own future talk radio show effort.

Ricardo Alonso,

R.A. Products Co., Inc.


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